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Method for the storage of ammonium sulphate


    Ammonium sulfate: colorless crystal or white particles, there is irritation. Ammonium sulfate is mainly used as fertilizer, and is suitable for all kinds of soil and crops. Can also be used in textile, leather, medicine, etc.. Ammonium sulfate appearance is colorless orthorhombic crystal, industrial product is white to light yellow crystal.
    Apply to the soil and crop growth, change the original state of the crops, improve the yield and efficiency of crop, increase crop protection for harm, can be used as base fertilizer, fertilizer and manure. Another important role is the exploitation of rare earth, the extraction of ammonium sulfate as raw material. Can also be used as dough regulator, yeast food. Supporting electrolyte in electrochemical analysis. Can also be used for the preparation of microbial culture medium and ammonium salt, etc..
    Note: before the transport logistics transportation package Jansen, transportation process to ensure that the package container does not leak, no collapse, not falling, not damage. Transportation should prevent insolation, rain, high temperature resistant. Vehicles carrying ammonium sulfate should be cleaned in time. Must be careful to transport.
    Storage note: store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Away from the fire, heat, must be stored with acids, bases, must not be mixed storage and transportation. Storage area should have a suitable container containing ammonium sulfate, and resolutely put an end to ammonium sulfate in the transport process of leakage phenomenon, resulting in unnecessary losses and troubles.
    The improper use of ammonium sulfate will not cause great accident, but in use or when a series of transportation purposes, but also cautious processing and preservation, its use is diversity can bring benefits will cause damage, but also to the reasonable collocation in use, it is inappropriate to use. Contact with ammonium sulfate, remember to pay attention to its harmful side, the lowest loss and unexpected circumstances.