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High purity copper sulfate is the star of the electroplating of copper sulfate


     The so-called high purity copper plating refers to the content of more than 99%, less impurities, iron ions, chloride ions, water insoluble copper sulfate. Is a combination of mass production process excellence and advanced extraction technology, through multi-channel impurity removal, produce high quality copper sulfate, which can effectively decrease the coating the pinhole, Ma sand, black, fog and other faults occur. Ensures that the stability of the plating solution and the grade of the product quality. This is the union of copper sulfate Seiko produced.

And industrial grade copper sulfate, what kind of production is it? His request is not high, so the quality is general, mainly recycling some raw materials, and then he will be out, because the price is cheap, so the process will cut corners, reduce the number of raw materials is more refined, more rough, impurity content, low industrial copper sulfate 96% or 98% on the market in electroplating there will be a product coating surface is not smooth, pinholes, blackening, fog etc..
    If the industrial grade copper sulfate is the common copper sulfate, then the electroplating grade copper sulfate is the five star copper sulfate in the electroplating. Just like the difference between an ordinary hotel and a star hotel.
    Ordinary hotel, dark, quality, general service. The main price is cheap. And star hotel, good service attitude, good quality, generous, comfortable. Home feeling. So relatively speaking, the price is proportional to the quality, but things have the value of it!