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The effect of ammonium sulphate on crops


     An excellent fertilizer (commonly known as ammonium sulfate), suitable for general soil and crops, can make crop foliage growth, improve fruit quality and yield, to enhance disaster resistance of crops can be used as base fertilizer, fertilizer and manure, but long-term use may lead to soil compaction. Can and salt complex decomposition reaction to produce ammonium chloride, and aluminum sulfate effect of ammonium alum, and boric acid and so on together with the production of refractories.

    Adding electroplating solution can increase the conductivity. It is the catalyst food cautiously, training help dye dye nitrogen source yeast yeast in the production of leather, ash removal agent. In addition, it is also used in beer brewing, chemical reagents and battery production, etc..
    Another important role is the exploitation of rare earth mining, using ammonium sulfate as raw material, using the ion exchange form of the rare earth mineral soil in exchange, then collect the leaching solution of simple filtration separation dry after a rare earth ore mining, each producing 1 tons of rare earth ore is about 5 tons of ammonium sulfate.
    The use of biology is also a lot more for the purification of protein, because ammonium sulfate belongs to inert material, not easy to react with other biologically active substances, can protect the activity of the protein to the maximum extent during the purification process, the ammonium sulfate soluble excellent, can form a high salt environment for protein precipitation and subsequent high salt the purified preparation.