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What is the relationship between ammonium sulphate and chemical fertilizer?


     A common nitrogen fertilizer, which belongs to a kind of fertilizer. In most of the nitrogen fertilizer, the nitrogen in ammonium sulfate is mainly ammonium nitrogen (i.e. the formation of nitrogen is NH4+ or in the presence of NH3) easily adsorbed by soil erosion, less. In the dry land and paddy field are applicable, and can do as well as topdressing fertilizer. The effect is higher than other nitrogen fertilizer, such as ammonium chloride, ammonium carbonate, urea, etc..

    The main characteristics are as follows: N = 20.5-21% ammonium sulfate standards: GB535-1995 English Ammonium sulfate structure and molecular formula (NH4) 2SO4 production method with ammonia and sulfuric acid as raw material, by the reaction of ammonium sulfate solution, then by crystallization, separation, drying and other refining processes.
    Product performance: white orthorhombic crystal, containing impurities is light colored or dark brown. Density 1.769g/cm3. Decomposition at 235. Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, acetone. Thermal decomposition. Release of ammonia from the action of alkaline substances. Can not be mixed with alkaline fertilizer. The nitrogen content of agricultural ammonium sulfate was 21%. Use mainly used as agricultural fertilizer, industrial use of acid dyes and dyeing agent and the agent of leather, such as ash.
    Packaging and storage and transportation: plastic woven bag with inner lining plastic bag. It is not to be mixed with the basic material to prevent the destruction of the ammonium salt. Other uses: in the ski field, often used to do with the snow mixed together, produce a hard effect, make the ski field of the site more robust, not easy to collapse! And the melting of the gas without harmful ingredients, more environmentally friendly!